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Finding Christmas



At the beginning of December decorations and illuminations show up in various parts of our cities and we slowly start to unite with that familiar pleasant feeling: Christmas is at our doorstep. It is important to mention that as vivid and busy Dubrovnik gets in summer the low-spirited and conservative turns in winter, leaving a sharp contrast between seasons and plenty of unexploited opportunities.Certainly the goal is not to keep up with Wien or other destinations famous for their impressive Winter-Christmas festivals, but so far Dubrovnik kept winter months simple, perhaps too simple. I visited Old Town in the past few years during winter holidays wishing to be part of Christmas magic but most of the time had to face a rather empty town with few people floating around looking for…well looking for Christmas.

Two examples. Illuminating teddy bear on Stradun Old Town Dubrovnik is very popular. On the right giant Christmas ball blocking the view of Pile gate, tacky?

This winter season (first time ever) city of Dubrovnik decided to put small wooden houses on main street Stradun in Old Town making quiet a controversy from past years. The huts among many others are selling prikle(small doughnuts), sausages, beans, hot wine and beer. Also this year’s Christmas décor and illumination has progressed visibly from previous years; children are joyfully playing around lustrous reindeer or sitting in the lap of an oversized golden teddy bear. Some locals find the huts being placed on Stradun a disgrace and the illumination tacky and tasteless. There are some exaggerated features (such as a giant Christmas ball right on the Pile entrance of Old Town) but overall the town is alive and it’s busier than ever in the past 10 years during this part of the year. What is wrong with a bit of gleam and sparkle once a year? After all it’s Christmas time!

Around 7:30 pm… getting busy on Stradun

In 2015 Hedera Estate enjoyed a successful season and in July has been proudly certified as an integrated hotel. Our reception has dressed up for Christmas season and happy to welcome both local and foreign visitors for a hot chocolate, tea or for a lovely winter stay in one of our cosy apartments and villas.

Hedera Estate Hotel dressed up for winter holidays


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