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The tourism industry, as an ever evolving web of services, products and experiences, changes and adapts to the demand constantly and with every new trend appearing we try adapting our services to as many markets as possible. One of those trends, which has now become a way of life, is the so called digital nomad life. It has slowly but surely started appearing in Croatia and in this post we will touch up on this way of life that more and more individuals see as their future and how it impacts the private accommodation renters community.

The popular name digital nomads they have acquired is because their job is not tied just to one place or country rather the nature of their work allows them freedom of movement and incorporating travel into their everyday life. They do not have fixed working hours, and what each of them will point out is that time management and organization of the working day is the key of success. This enables them to do their work efficiently as well as have the opportunity to experience the local life of a destination they are in. With this new trend rising, Croatia has found itself on the shortlists of many digital nomads as a potential base for work. As of this year 2021, Croatia has become part of the few countries in Europe that have acknowledged the status of digital nomads as a profession and amidst the COVID-19 was more lenient when it came to allowing entry for this specific group of workers.

With so many countries being in a difficult state due to the pandemic many digital nomads saw Croatia as a good opportunity to escape into a somewhat safer zone with less population and smaller towns with mild climate. A nice place to call a home away from home and a good wifi connection is of utmost importance to this type of workers and Croatia, specfically, Dubrovnik among other has plenty of that. With a side of beautiful historical heritage, mild climate, location by the sea and friendly locals it represents a great choice for anyone looking to live and work remotely. Dubrovnik is a town where life slows down during the winter time and there are less distractions to occupy yourselves with, which is a great chance to get some work done. While many cities take pride in their size and liveliness, Dubrovnik keeps maintaining the familial atmosphere of a cozy small town in the period from November to April. Anyone who comes to stay in Dubrovnik for a longer period of time finds themselves quickly accepting the idea of a slower lifestyle focused more on yourself and your loved ones. This is a community where work is important but so are other aspects of your life and one should not foget that. To digital nomads, surrounding yourself with a more peaceful and slower environment can give them more stable work conditions and focus.

The people in our little town have started seeing the benefits of hosting digital nomads and renting them a home for a few months. The locals are friendly people in general and enjoy making new connections and friendships especially when it is someone of a different culture with whom they can exchange their traditions and not simply be a renter. Also, one of the aspects of digital nomads is that they transfer useful knowledge know-how in the environment in which they live and for which the locals are very grateful. Good communication in your community is essential to enjoy your time here and with most locals speaking English as well as other world languages there is one obstacle less in adjusting to everyday life while working remotely. Lest we forget, one of the most important factors which make locals so appreciative of digital nomads is the fact that by living and working in our area they directly contribute to the country’s economy which is something of utmost importance now in the midst of a pandemic with so many people struggling to make a living and keeping their business open.

With the pandemic still present people are turning to long term rental business in hopes of preserving as well as adding to their business. While short term vacation homes are still predominantely main group in private accommodation, renters do see the new possibilities with new markets opening such as digital nomads one and are happy to explore it, make a profit out of it as well as provide a great experience to the guests. This way the seasonalness of the tourism industry might not have as big of an impact on the community as it does now. Hedera Estate, as an agency managing private accommodation is happy to welcome every and all digital nomads and others looking to stay in Dubrovnik for a any period of time.

For all digital nomads interested in working in Croatia, per Croatian legislative, one of the most important first steps is to obtain a temporary residence permit for digital nomads which should be valid up to one year. For all third world nationals who require a visa to enter Croatia, in order to apply for temporary residence the process is done through the Croatian embassy in their domicil country and for those who do not require an entry visa, the application for temporary residence is submitted in the local police station of the town they plan to be working in. If choosing Croatia for remote work as a digital nomad, you can also apply for a compulsory health insurance which is very useful to have when staying in a foreign country for an extended period of time. With many destinations not having this option and having the nomads cover any possible healthcare costs, it is a positive incentive and an important component to consider when choosing a destination for remote working. There are a few online sources where you can find a more detailed description of the entire process of applying for the temporary residence as a digital nomad in Croatia and we find the following to be very helpful:

Consular information and visa requerements 

How to apply for visa step by step guide 

Be it a vacation, work holiday or just wanting to try something new, we are here to help you find the perfect home away from home in our villas, apartments, houses and studios. With our vast offer of different accommodation we are sure there will be something for everyone. We invite you to explore Dubrovnik in every season of the year and create unfrogettable experiences.



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