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Welcome back to Dubrovnik



With the first half of 2020 behind us, we find ourselves reflecting on the post COVID-19 tourism industry in our beautiful town of Dubrovnik, how it has affected us and how both foreign and domestic guests can still have a wonderful vacation here.

For many people those one or more short periods a year, when taking a vacation, represented a much needed escape from the stress of the their busy everyday lives. Months of careful planning and waiting were interrupted by a force no one could reckon with on their own but by everyone uniting in social distancing to keep each other and others safe. Vacations, holidays and travelling altogether had taken a back seat while prioritizing everyone’s health. For those few months of the virus hitting the hardest, Dubrovnik was faced with a difficult period, both health and economy wise and as we now do our best to work together, towards full recovery no matter how slow the pace of it, we all hope to see a brighter future ahead.

So what happens now when the crisis is at its end in Dubrovnik and many other areas and people once again feel the need to explore, travel and recharge after such an unlikely period of life? While the first half of the year was not the best for Dubrovnik and its residents, now in June we see a significant improvement in all areas and we are hosting our first guests both domestic and international. Holidays are once again being planned, vacation homes booked and a chance of experiencing a more local Dubrovnik is in front of you. Clean town, clean sea, less crowds, more locals, delicious food and a warm summer weather are all an invitation to visit our town and make new memories for yourself.



Getting to Dubrovnik may present a challenge for some people depending where you are coming from, but from the current situation Croatian borders are open to anyone wanting to visit however given how new decisions are made frequently, getting in touch with local authorities prior to arrival is the best way to check if your entrance will go smoothly and if you are in need of presenting any sort of paperwork for the border authorities, such as medical proof that you are healthy and have not been infected prior, confirmation of reservation that you have accommodation booked in the country, and also be prepared to share your personal and contact details with the border police so you can easily be reached if necessary.

While Dubrovnik is currently connected with domestic flights only, we are expecting international airlines such as Lufthansa(Eurowings, Swiss)Austrian Airlines, TUI, Easy Jet,Brussels Airlines, Transavia etc. to reinstate their flights to Dubrovnik starting at the end of June so our town should once again be connected with major European destinations allowing easier access.
We are well aware that the return of travelers in Dubrovnik cannot be taken lightly and that measures are still in place to protect locals and travelers alike. All businesses, regardless of their type, in town make sure their spaces and inventory are cleaned and maintained to comply with the highest health standards, as they have done so far, as well as provide hand sanitizers at each entrance for their customers, partners and such.

Galleries, museums, churches and other important historical sights are open for general public however some may have shorter working hours so this is good to keep in mind when planning your day of exploring the town.
All major bus lines are operating frequently so all parts of town are well connected with public transportation once again, with regular cleaning of the inside space. For everyone who wish to avoid buses, local taxis and Uber service are available 24/7 or you can opt for walking around since you may just see some hidden gems around town you might miss otherwise.

With plenty of restrictions being lifted grocery stores and supermarkets are back to their full time working hours and restaurants as well as any other business serving food and beverage are also cleared for working full time. It is worth mentioning that there are no restrictions on how many people can be seated on the same table in a restaurant or cafe bar however the business managers are making sure that current social distancing measures are respected and there is at least 1.5 meters of free space between each table and group of guests. With this in mind you needn’t worry if you are with your family, everyone can be seated together and you will still be respecting the social distancing rules like other customers with the appointed free space between groups.

If you are in town looking for a good night out, you may want to switch it up a bit since night clubs are still closed due to higher health risk and currently only gatherings up to 100 people are allowed but this is a great opportunity to maybe have a nice dinner in town followed by a walk in the warm summer evening and you can top it off with a drink in one of the local bars which are currently open until 23:00. A fairly early end of night does not have to be a bad thing as you can continue your socializing in your accommodation or call it a night and get plenty of rest for the next day.
With the warm weather already in Dubrovnik, one cannot forget to visit the beach and cool down in the clear blue Adriatic sea or enjoy sunbathing with a beverage from the nearby beach bar while a chill summer music plays in the background. The scenario is perfect for snapping a photo at that moment for your social media or just to have it as a memory of your time spent in Dubrovnik. While all the beaches in Dubrovnik are eagerly welcoming the first swimmers, we must not forget to do what we can and try keeping a slight distance from other swimmers to make sure we all feel safe.

Weather you are looking to explore and experience as much as you can or to have a relaxing vacation on a beautiful property, Dubrovnik still can offer all of it. More and more guests, which have the opportunity of travelling, choose to spend their holiday this year enjoying themselves in a lovely secluded villas on the outskirts of Dubrovnik where they can be woken in the morning by the soft sounds of waves crashing the seashore and where they can end their day by gazing into the beautiful sunset over the Adriatic, fully prioritizing their privacy. For the adventurous ones, charming apartments and villas in Dubrovnik itself are available for a more active vacation where you can book excursions and activities in the vicinity but still be at the heart of the local life getting to know the slow and casual lifestyle philosophy also know in Croatian language as „Pomalo”.

If you are in the middle of planning your vacation, we would be honored to be a part of it and help you find the perfect vacation home from our vast choice of villas, houses, apartments and studios which can all be seen on our official website Hedera Estate



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