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Parking in Dubrovnik



Parking in Dubrovnik is difficult to say the least. It is a challenge to find free parking lots and then even more challenging to find a space. Another challenge is to find parking meters and hourly/daily costs. Let’s not even get started on trying to find parking around the Old Town, Ploce and Pile area.

While options may seem grim, we’ve tried to put together a list of information to making finding parking in Dubrovnik a bit easier.

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Sanitat is the traffic regulation authority in Dubrovnik. Parking tickets, passes and information can all be found out through them. All public parking information is on their website, but we have outlined a few of the most important points for you.

Parking Zones: Dubrovnik is broken up into different zones, with each zone costing a different amount based on hourly and daily rates. Be sure to check the map showing the parking zones throughout Dubrovnik and the description of each zone with pricing below the map.


Parking Prices per Zone: As already explained, each zone has it’s own pricing and paid passes available. This link outlines payment per pass for different time periods.

Methods of Paying for Parking: This section is broken down into the three ways to pay for parking, by mobile phone, through street parking meters and through Tisak kiosks.

Our kindest advice would be to avoid coming with a car around the Old town because parking is limited. Since parking by the road and parking lots are reserved for residents, the closest place to park is at the public garage of Dubrovnik which is located 15 minutes walking to the Old town.

Public Parking Garage

The public parking garage is located in the Pile area of Dubrovnik. The garage is easily located right off the highway. It is newly built with around 700 parking spot, as well as handicap parking. The prices range depending on the date and type of ticket, please check the link for prices: Parking Garage prices 2018. These prices might be subject to change for 2019.



Since it can be difficult to find parking in Dubrovnik, some hotels have started to offer parking per day for tourists at a set price. This is something that needs to be arranged with them directly, as they tend to not reserve spaces and they set their own prices.

A few hotels that can be contacted to inquire about their parking services are: Grand Villa Argentina and the entire Adriatic Luxury Group, Hilton Imperial Dubrovnik, Valamar Group and Importanne Resort.


We also want to mention that the Old town is a pedestrian zone. Surrounding attractions are located within walking distance (The city walls, museums, Buza beach, Banje beach, the cable car to Mount Srd, Saint Jakob beach, the Old town port to the island of Lokrum – 15 minutes boat ride, etc). Instead of renting a car for the whole stay in Dubrovnik, it would be cheaper to rent a car for one day in case you are planning a tour to Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina or other areas surrounding Dubrovnik.



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