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Parking your car in Dubrovnik can take much longer than predicted and it is often a nerve breaking experience.  Driving into a parking lot or street and desperately seeking for space is definitely not the dream of anyone visiting the city for the first time. Could it be that the ‘parking struggle era’ has finally ended?

Work began in Gruž, Obala Stjepana Radića street, by installing the most modern parking sensors in 30 parking spaces. Info screens are planned to be set up on the streets and drivers will be able to use smart phone application which shall provide them with real time information on available parking spots. If you have plans to come to Dubrovnik by car this app will make your life easier, especially during high season. The project enabled by the largest Croatian Telekom company will also introduce a multi-sensor video surveillance and free high speed Wi-Fi band.—better watch out as every move will be recorded.
First in Croatia. Solar smart benches are converting energy to charge electrical equipment, measure humidity and UV levels – all that with trendy design

Besides parking sensors, Dubrovnik is getting “smart” as a local start-up company has introduced first solar smart benches in Croatia. The benches are using solar energy and they are able to charge tablets, phones or even measure humidity and UV levels. Three benches have been set up in Dubrovnik Gruž area, one of them in the park opposite Hedera Estate reception. Now Hedera Estate guests can enjoy the sun and worry-free use their tablets or phones while waiting to check-in, smart right?

Pretty park opposite Hedera Estate reception


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