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2015: A Year of Discoveries



A New Year has started, but for many of us life continues on the same track without anything out of the ordinary. Often people become so comfortable with their daily routine that they fail to see what the rest of the world has to offer. Some of us try to deny it while many of us simply ignore it; however it is part of human nature to search for the new and unknown. From the very beginning people were constantly discovering new horizons, so why should you stop now? Visiting new countries and cities, meeting different cultures widens perspective and adds a special chapter into your life. Don’t hold back, there is a good excuse for traveling at any stage of life.

At the Hedera Estate apartments and villas we had the opportunity of welcoming brides and grooms, high school reunion groups, families, young students and many other discoverers. Yes, our guests were true discoverers who chose to explore the beauties of the southernmost point of Croatia, Dubrovnik. There are not many places on the world where you can tell that you can walk on ancient city walls, have a coffee at the bottom of a fort and splash into crystal clear sea—all at one location. Dubrovnik is unique, a town where you can reunite with the past and grab unforgettable moments for the future.


Switch off! Involve your friends, family or colleagues and discover Dubrovnik. Waking up with a sea view is not necessarily a prestige anymore. Taste fresh fish, have a glass of Dingač, try local delicacy rozata and walk through the shiny stones of Stradun. Get on a local ferry and stretch out on the nearby islands such as Lopud or Koločep, or simply stare into the blue Adriatic. The decision is up to you, and let us handle the rest. At Hedera-Estate we offer beautiful accommodations for every occasion and taking account every wish.

Let the year of 2015 be a year of great discoveries, say ‘Hello’ to Dubrovnik!




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Ivana Matijaševića 14
20000 Dubrovnik


Vedran Miović & Marko Šikić, directors

Business manager:
Marijana Bačić

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