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Love is in the air



When love is in the air and the partner of your life seems seriously committed, the next step in a relationship is often followed by planning the “big day”. If given any options, how would you imagine your wedding?

A day of great joy and celebration showing your love and entitlement in front of God and in front of all the family and friends should be a truly unforgettable experience. Unforgettable should be the location, the ceremony, the decoration, food, music…after all it is the day that should be remembered forever.

In the recent past Dubrovnik has proven to be a perfect location for many weddings. The Old Town presents an extraordinary scenery with its ancient stone walls and historical monuments, while its churches, especially the Cathedral and St. Blaze’s Church give a romantic and intimate atmosphere that no doubt will exceed any best wishes.

At Hedera Estate we have noticed that there has been a growing interest in booking properties for wedding guests. Planning a wedding in a new and unknown location–as exciting it might seem—comes with many challenges. One of the crucial points is finding the right accommodations where all beloved ones could easily interact with each other.


In 2013 and 2014 Villa Hedera was used as the “Bridal house” several times, while the surrounding properties Hedera A1, Hedera Studio 1, Studio 9, Hedera A26 and Villa Hedera II were hosting the rest of the wedding team. Many visitors found the Villa’s location just ideal, being near to Old Town but at the same time enjoying a relaxing environment with its large green garden and swimming pool. In the past summer season we also had the pleasure of welcoming brides, grooms and their families in Hedera A8 and Hedera A9 apartments, which being located in the same house, allowed easy social interaction between two groups of visitors. These two apartments with their breathtaking view to Old Town have mesmerized not only newlywed couples but honeymooners as well.

If you are ready to say “I Do” in a truly amazing location, Dubrovnik is the right choice for you. Let the Hedera Estate team organize quality accommodations according to your wishes, so that your “big day” would turn into a memorable “big stay” in one of Croatia’s prettiest towns.



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