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Hosting Game of Thrones



Sun was rising. The market square slowly came alive. Merchants were offering their fruits, while the shadows of children and beggars were playing on the ancient stone walls of the town. The scent of goats was floating in the air, every costume, and every detail transported me to a mythical world somewhere in our past. Suddenly a man, with a stock of blond hair, dressed in ancient armour, with the confidence of a king appeared at the end of the market square when…

When a tall young boy who seemed desperate to observe more than me has blocked my view.

It was the year of 2012, and with a large local audience I was watching a live scenario from the Game of Thrones set in Old Town of Dubrovnik.

Kings Landing - Jaime Lannister
King’s Landing – Jaime Lannister

The phenomenon has grown ever since, and in the summer of 2014 Hedera Estate welcomed many visitors who came to explore Dubrovnik, as the location that has served spectacular sceneries’ for their favourite fantasy epic series Game of Thrones.

During the month of July we had the wonderful experience of welcoming a group of young Austrian guests who were actually writing an article on Game of Thrones. They combined their journalist studies with pleasure pursuits and decided to book Villa Hedera X for their stay in Dubrovnik.

In August, Hedera Estate had the privilege of hosting one of the show’s producers and his family in apartment Hedera A36 and Hedera A46, which both are noted for their very spacious internal design and relaxing atmosphere.

Did you know that there is a Game of Thrones tour in Old Town of Dubrovnik?
A British family who stayed with us at Hedera A4 in September have attended this tour, and claimed it as an excellent experience. Also a group of young Italians who stayed at Hedera A10 in August described the tour as a “must do” in Dubrovnik.

Scene on the city walls
Scene on the city walls

Dubrovnik is definitely becoming a trendy location for shooting TV series that require an ancient and mythical atmosphere as their setting. Just recently the series of “Dig” decided to shoot in Dubrovnik. The producers of “Dig” moved large part of the production to Dubrovnik, since they have agreed that the location is just ideal for the archaeological TV drama starring Jason Isaac.

The Hedera Estate team is pleased and excited to welcome all fans, filmmakers and those who wish to spend a quality time in one of our apartments or villas in the city that has been given perfect sceneries for many TV shows, and the city that George Bernard Shaw with all respect named “Paradise on Earth”.

Game of Thrones filming
Game of Thrones filming


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